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 External Mix Snowgun Nozzle Kit
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External Mix Snowgun Nozzle Kit

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$60 US On Order - Contact for expected date of arrival
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Canada Post: $60
Order will ship once all items are in stock.

Dimensions: 8" X 5" X 1"
Weight: 1 lb.
Compressed Air Required: 4.5 CFM at 90psi
Water Requirements: 1.3gpm - 2.5gpm
Max Water Pressure: 2500psi
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  Product Description

Included in this nozzle package are:

  • one MSM-X250 Custom Atomnizing Nozzle (1/8" Thread)
  • one MSM-X2A Custom Air Nozzle (1/8" Thread)
  • two MSM0204 Custom Snowmaking Nozzles (1/4" Thread)
These are custom made snowmaking nozzles, designed to give you ski resort quality snow, using a household water supply.

We have tested dozens and dozens of nozzles and eventually arrived on having these nozzles made for us to our specifications in order to make the highest quality snow using what is available in a typical house.

The average water temperature at a resort is just 1C (34F), by comparison, the average water temperature for a home snowmaker is 11C (54F), and snowmaking is all above moving heat from the water, to the air, so that the water can freeze and become snow.

In a household environment it's not practical to have an air compressor that will produce hundreds of cubic feet per minute of compressed air, they're noisy, expensive, and take tons of energy to power them. A home snowmaker needs nozzles which work with their air supply.

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